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Magazines on astronomy

Astronomy is a serious science and a popular hobby all over the world. There's a lot of new information popping up every day. A lot of this information from the image is to how to use a telescope can be found in an astronomy magazine. It's even better now that so much of this is also on the web.Astronomy Now is one of Britain's top astronomy magazines. It's a magazine for everyone that's been in publication since the late 1980s. The magazine regularly includes features on everything to do with the science, and focus articles that go further in depth into a particular subject or aspect of Astronomy. Standard in every issue are star charts, book reviews and reader images. Not only does the website include much of the same information, but the star charts there are in an even more useful format. the clock can be turned to different months, times of months and various magnifications. These charts are very useful.Sky and Telescope is another excellent astronomy magazine. The magazine claims to be like a top astronomers standing with you. Imagine gazing up at the stars while Carl Sagan, rest his soul, stood ready to deliver important tips and information. Of course the magazine not only focuses on this important information, but includes stunning imagery of outer space objects and phenomenon. For example Sky and Telescope showed an image of a planet orbiting another star in November of 2008. This marks the first time a planet has been seen orbiting another star in visible light imagery.One of the first websites people find when searching for astronomy magazines is the website for Astronomy. This one has a wealth of information online. The website for example carries images of the first ever solar system seen in visible light. There is also a podcast audio tour of the constellation Cassiopeia. The magazine is also well-known for its guides that include tips and tricks for kids who want to start with astronomy

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