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Astronomy fun facts

For many people astronomy is an interesting science filled with many astronomy fun facts. Everything from the size and temperature of our own star, the Sun, to the makeup of distant planets is recorded. People can get a lot of enjoyment from all of this data.There are many astronomy fun facts about this sun. Our own star that supplies our heat and light is between 91 and 94.5 million miles from Earth. Our orbit is elliptical. The distance between us grows larger and smaller throughout the year.The sun is only average size for a star, yet it's size is another terrific source of astronomy fun facts. It's contains 98% of all the stuff in the solar system, even though it's not large for a star. Everything else, counting the earth and all the planets, is a tiny 2%. It would take about 100 Earths to make it across this average sun. The solar wind produced by the sun extends to about 50 times the distance from the Earth to the sun from the sun. In other words those solar winds go out about 50 AU's, with an AU being the distance from the Earth to the sun.

What about astronomy fun facts that don't have to do with the sun? How about the moon? In the entire universe man has only walked upon the earth and the moon. And one human man actually traveled to the moon but never left it.
There are more astronomy fun facts about the moon. It's the site of what may become the oldest footprint. Neil Armstrong's “giant leap for mankind” left a print in the moon dust that will like still be there in 10 million years. The astronauts who walked on the moon wore suits that weighed 180 pounds on earth but a mere 30 pounds on the lunar surface.
Astronomy fun facts aren't limited to our close neighbors. Stars bring the past to life. It can take millions of years for light from some stars to reach us. It could be that some of those stars blinked out long ago. The number of stars in the sky is expressed by a one with 22 zeros following it.

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