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Astronomy magazine

Astronomy is a serious professional business and enjoyed by people who are enthusiastic to know about it.. There are millions of information about astronomy every month which are published in their magazines .

In the UK many people read Astronomy Now. It's been around for 20 years and caters to both hobbyists and the professionals. In addition to standard articles there are focus features that give the whole scoop on certain aspects of astronomy. Reader images, star charts and book reviews are standard in every issue of this magazine. Not only does the website include much of the same information, but the star charts there are in an even more useful format. The sky can be shown for any month, period of the month (early or late,) time and at various magnifications. It's a real help to anyone with a telescope.

Sky and Telescope is an important magazine on astronomy. The magazine includes stunning images of outer space objects and phenomenon. One exciting piece of imagery Sky and Telescope delivered in November of 2008 was images of a planet orbiting another star.

One of the first websites people find when searching for astronomy magazines is the website for Astronomy. The website for example carries images of the first ever solar system seen in visible light. Also posted is an audio tour, in the form of a podcast, of the constellation Cassiopeia. The magazine is also well-known for its guides that include tips and tricks for kids who want to start with astronomy. Both the print magazine and website are of top quality.

You can also get information about astronomy for free from internet
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